Pig trading T. de Koning Lunteren


Most pigs are delivered to a permanent slaughterhouse in the Netherlands. In addition, we also have good relations with other slaughterhouses in the Netherlands and Germany. If it is more interesting for a pig producer to supply another slaughterhouse, this will be discussed directly with the relevant person and the possibilities will be examined. The largest sales are made with Boars and gilts. In addition, there is also supply and demand castrated pigs. Pigs are usually assessed on the basis of spectroscopy fabricate, muscle thickness and weight. We like to look together with the nutritionist for the possibilities to deliver the pigs with the highest possible classification. We also advise on determining concept, marketing and genetics. The pigs can be delivered in several concepts:
  • IKB
  • Holland pig
  • The Sustainable Pork Value Chain
  • The Sustainable Pork Value Chain*
  • Biological


We have a large sale of piglets in the Netherlands. Most of the piglets that are traded are grown from Topigs 20/70 mother animals or Danish genetics, crossed with Piétrain-like bears. Almost all piglets comply with the Chain of sustainable pork concept. Together with the pig producer we judge de demand of the piglets. After this the breeding boar will be chosen together with the sow to get the highest results in the end of the line. Most piglets that are traded are uncastrated piglets, but we also have a supply of castrated piglets. The piglets are traded under the same concept as pigs. For trading between multiplier and pig producer it is important to manage the concepts, genetics and animal welfare. The only way to manage this is to have a good relationship between trader, veterinarian, nutritionist and a external advisors. Plans will be made and afterwards the desired result is will be evaluated. Everything to ensure the result in the future. An attempt is made to work by fixed lines between the multiplier and pig producer. This will be tried for the reason that the pig producer is familiar with the piglets he receives and can respond to it. All information regarding vaccinations and food can be kept according to a fixed pattern.

 Cull sows and Slaughter piglets

Every week we collect slaughter sows and slaughter pigs at different gathering places. We look at numbers, quality and the combination of sows and piglets. This is to generate the highest possible yield for the supplier. There is also the possibility for farmers to supply small amounts of pigs.