The transport of the pigs, sows and piglets is carried out with great care. We have several trucks that are selected on the basis of the number of pigs, sows and piglets to be transported. We also look at the location where has to be loaded All trucks have a cross-ventilated superstructure. As a result, the animals are transported in a more stable climate. The temperature can be set for each level after which the ventilation is automatically regulated. Through the ventilation system there is enough fresh air for the animals. This system has several advantages including preventing the spread of animal diseases and not losing feces during driving, loading and unloading. Piglet transport is mainly carried out by a separate truck with automatic disinfection and heating system. See Disinfected and heated piglet transport After every transport, all trucks are cleaned very carefully. The main focus is on the welfare of the animals and the prevention of the spread of diseases from farm to farm. All drivers take part in the CCV animal transport course every five years. They therefore have the certificate of competent animal transport. We are also certified as a company according to the quality regulation QLL. Quality system Livestock Logistics (QLL) quality regulation concerns the transportation and collection of animals and related standards aimed at animal welfare and prevention of animal diseases QLL is a Dutch quality regulation that includes regulations concerning the transport and collection of pigs. QLL is designed to ensure the well-being of the animals during transport and to prevent the spread of animal diseases through transport or collection of animals.

Disinfected and heated piglet transport

Soon we will receive a new truck for the transport of piglets. Attempts are then made to carry out all piglet transports with a heated and disinfected car. The car is thoroughly cleaned after each transport and then it will drive to the next location. While driving, the car is heated to 70 degrees within a short time. Due to the drought and the longer holding of this temperature, all germs are eliminated. The prevention of the spread of the PRRS virus is prevented in this. These trucks are also equipped with weighing installation and printer. As a result, the weight of the piglets during and after loading is known.